All Photos by Bert Janssen

Simurg Ensemble

"Be borne on currents strong that lift you from dogma, division, belief and unbelief" Farid Ud-din Attar (The Conference of the Birds)

The name of the Simurg Ensemble has its origins in Manteq al Tayr, the most famous work of the 12th century Sufi poet Farid Ud-din Attar. In this work all the world’s birds go searching for their king, the Simurgh. After a journey of learning across seven valleys, thirty birds eventually reach the abode of the si (thirty) murgh (birds) to understand that in all of their diversity, they together represent the power they have been searching for. The unusual combination of clarinet, violoncello, contrabass (in fifths tuning) and piano, as well as their eclectic and broad choice of repertoire, makes them hard to categorize. Modern classical chamber music, with influences and flavors of different cultures - a truly contemporary global ensemble.